2nd Step For An Effective Digital Strategy In 2022! Trend Analysis!

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Written by anmolkaushal

Once you have finished analyzing your performance, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it’s time to take the temperature of the sector! What are the new trends? How are your targets behaving? What are your competitors doing? Collect key data for your strategy!

We are at step 2 of developing your 2022 digital strategy ! What do you mean ? You missed the first stage ? Alright, we’ll give you a quick overview of the essential points of step 1:

Reminder of step 1: Analysis of your 2021 performance

  • Analysis of the performance of your website
    The study of the effectiveness of your site is the very first level of your performance analysis.
    If your site is not generating as many conversions as you want it is essential to identify the causes for higher performance in 2022.
    As part of this analysis , you will therefore need to analyze your site ‘s traffic, its conversion rate , its shopping cart abandonment rate, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali its acquisition channels , its technical performance and its positioning.
  • Analysis of your advertising campaigns
    Secondly , you will have to study the performance of your SEA/SMA advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Facbeook Ads, LinkedinAd, etc.). If you are not satisfied with their effectiveness then this analysis will allow you to identify the necessary optimizations for more conclusive results in 2022.
    Calculate your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend), analyze the performance of each campaign , ad group and keywords. Identify your most effective campaigns and identify those that need to be optimized.
  • Analysis of your social networks
    The last channel to analyze is your social networks , they will help you see if your popularity is down or up. You will be able to identify the content that has generated the most interest. Those who have generated conversions…
    All of these will allow you to retain the most popular post types and scale less effective content .
    Here is a very short summary of this crucial step, if you missed our first article, take the time to follow “The first step of your 2022 digital strategy: Analyzing your performance”
    Step 2: Trend analysis
    Analysis of digital trends
    Digital is a sector in perpetual motion, which is why it is really important that you follow its evolution regularly so as not to miss out on great opportunities!
    This trend analysis is all the more necessary when you are in the process of developing your digital strategy for 2022. So take the time to identify emerging trends!
  • Identify social media trends
    • Growing social networks
    Five years ago , no one knew TikTok , today it is used by more than a billion users, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it is the 5th favorite social network (all ages combined) and in 2021 it was the most popular application . most downloaded worldwide.
    Identifying growing social networks allows you to spot opportunities and activate new acquisition levers.
    Is there a social network whose performance increases significantly? Conversely, have you observed a drop in the number of visits to a social network by your target audiences ?
    Trend analysis allows you to prioritize which social networks to prioritize and plan relevant budgets.

•What’s new with your audiences

An effective digital strategy must be in line with your targets. This is why you must be able to sense changes in behavior and habits.

Size of your audiences

Have your audiences increased ? Diminished ? Are your most represented age groups always the same on each of your social networks ? Are users on average spending more or less time on each platform?

If your audiences spend less time on a social network , you know that you will have less attention from them, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali this will guide you on the length of posts to adopt, the type of content…

The habits of your audiences

Among the elements to consider for the development of your strategy , there are also the habits of your targets on social networks.
Why do they come to the platform? What are they looking for? What content generates the most interest? Are they using social media to research brands?

This data is really important because it allows you to better target the categories of content that you will need to produce to “please” your targets.

For example, in 2021 the top 10 reasons to use social media were :
1) Staying in touch with friends and family (48%)
2) Filling up my free time (36.4%)
3) Reading news stories (35%)
4) Finding funny and entertaining content (31.1% )
5) See what people are talking about (29.3%)
6) Find inspiration for things to do and buy (27.7%)
7) Find products to order (26.2%)
8) Sharing my opinions with other people (24.4%)
9) Meeting new people (23.8%)
10) Watching live streams

This data is valuable and allows you to focus your editorial content in this direction. You know that new stories and entertaining content are among the main reasons so produce unique and fun content !

To analyze all these trends , you can go to “DATAREPORTAL” , Digital Marketing Agency Mohali this company carries out comprehensive studies and publishes updated global data on the digital sector each year.

Analysis of your competitors

To develop an effective digital strategy, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali it is important to conduct a study of your competitors.
How have they performed in 2021? What were their key success factors? Which are the errors to avoid ?

To carry out this analysis, it will be necessary to study the size of their community, calculate the engagement rate of their publications, analyze the editorial line and identify the publications that have generated the most interest!

The objective is not to copy what your competitors are doing but to understand why certain publications have worked with your targets and to use this same recipe to concoct effective posts in turn.
Identifying the mistakes of your competitors allows you not to reproduce the same ones in 2022.

Trend Analysis Report

At the end of this second step , you have all the information you need to move on to the next step “Establish your 2022 digital strategy”.
The analysis of your performance allowed you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your digital tools while the trend analysis allowed you to identify the opportunities and threats of the sector.