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5 Reasons To Go On A Weekend Homestay

Gites and bed and breakfasts are on the rise and there are good reasons for this. For your next weekend in Isère, Homestay in Mussoorie let yourself be tempted by a homestay.

1. Taste a warm and personalize welcome

As soon as you approach your weekend refuge, your host will already be there to meet you. By traveling close to the inhabitants, you enter into their daily life. Taste a warm welcome and enjoy a personalize owner’s tour.

Your weekend is place under the sign of authenticity, exchanges and sharing. What to leave full of memories and anecdotes!

2. Opt for the right plan for a cheaper vacation

If independent accommodation is a real driver of the local economy, it is also a means of sustaining the rural activity of the territory. And even your wallet will thank you.

By traveling nearby, in a gîte or a guest house, you have access to one of the best “good deals” with more affordable rental prices. And above all, Homestay in Mussoorie your host will be a source of good tips for holidays at a lower cost and great discoveries! He will share with you all his good tips and good addresses for a successful holiday!

3. Enjoy a unique and original stay

In addition to spending your weekend “like at home” with thoughtful and quality equipment, each accommodation is unique! The owners focus on the layout and decoration ensuring you a very special atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else. By being close to your host, you will forge links and perhaps even meet again on the occasion of another weekend to create new memories.

You can add to that little extras of quality, whether it’s amenities or à la carte activities…

4. Immerse yourself in the local culture

One of the key arguments of the nearby trip, the “staycation” (mixture of “stay” to stay and “cation” for the notion of vacation) is the immersion in a daily life and a culture. During your weekend, Homestay in Mussoorie you will discover the daily life of your hosts, sometimes life on the farm or life in the heart of the mountains.

But above all, you will have delicious local products and good restaurants recommend by your hosts at your fingertips! And sometimes even homemade dishes concocted just for you! They are connoisseurs of their region, the link with the producers and the history of the village. Do not fail to discuss with them to benefit from their knowledge.

5. Go green

Far from the hectic and bustling daily life, enjoy your weekend in a privilege and peaceful place. Here, nature sets the pace for your days… Let yourself go for a walk in the forest or along the river, listen to and observe the fauna, taste good products, Homestay in Mussoorie observe the stars from your cozy nest and fall asleep to the sound of the hooting of the owls.

They chose to open guest rooms in the mountains, a trailer in the countryside, a cottage by a lake for various reasons. But their common point is undeniably the pleasure and richness of the encounters made on these occasions. They will share with you their favorite walking routes, Homestay in Mussoorie advise you of their good addresses nearby and perhaps introduce you to their favorite pastime.