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5 Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing an Entryway Rugs

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As it is said, “the first impression is the last impression.” an entryway gives the first impression of your home. It is the entrance to your paradise. It reflects the entire style of your home.

Moreover, A balanced decorated entry gives a positive vibe to your home. It attracts visitors from the very first step to your home. While decorating accent walls with frames and corners with accessories, the lobby decor is incomplete without a floor area rug.

A soft and cozy feel on the first step to your home makes your space inviting and homey. You feel the warmth and comfort from the first step to your home.

Besides style and coziness, entryway rugs are prone to dirt, humidity, stains, and grim. It sees more crowds than any other area of the home. Besides their color, design, and pattern, you should look for the material that suits the entrance hustle and bustle when choosing entryway rugs USA.

Here we guide you on how to choose the best rug for your home entrance.

Size of the Rug

Size is the foremost important thing in choosing home accessories. Suppose you buy something too big or too minor. It will make your interior unorganized and unmatchable. Size coordination is a must in designing. The same rule goes for choosing area rugs USA for your home. A balanced size according to the

room or corner and furnishing accessories will create harmony in the decor. To select a rug for the
entryway, make sure your rug doesn’t cover the entire space. Leave some floor bare. The designer’s tip is to leave at least 18 to 24 inches of floor barre between the edges of the rug and the wall. The rule may change for smaller spaces but make sure you leave a part of the floor bare.

Here are the size guide tips for a stylish rug for your abode entrance.

  • Measure the area of your entrance.
  • Make sure how much floor area you want to cover and how much you want to show.
  • Go for a rug that shows some flooring.
  • Get a rug some inches smaller than the entire floor.

The shape of the Rug

The shape of the rug matters a lot. If you choose an inappropriate form for the room, it will make the interior unpleasant. Getting the right shape entryway rugs will make your access point attractive and inviting.

Here are some tips for selecting a suitable shape rug for your lobby.

  • Choose a shape that matches the entrance shape.
  • For a narrow entryway, try a runner rug.
  • If the entrance is rectangular, go for a vivid pattern of rectangular rug.
  • For a wide entrance, you can cheer up space by using a square or round rug USA.

Position of the Rug

Right spot and right size is the key to a balanced and chic decor. If you get the suitable rug material but you place it at the wrong angle, it will give a bad look. Positioning of rug and furniture around it is an important step to consider.

For an entrance rug, place it in the centre of the space, better to be under the chandelier. Keep the distance from the wall equal on both sides. And if possible, tuck a mirror on the side wall with a console for the adornment.

Material of the Rug

An entrance rug should be chosen with care. You can go for any rug you like. As entrances are the area more affected by dust and dirt, and observe more crowds than other home areas. The rug for it should be chosen keeping all these things in mind.

Here are the key points you should consider while getting a rug USA for the entrance of your home.

  • It should be easy to clean material.
  • A rug for the lobby should be durable and suitable for crowded places.
  • It should be stain-resistant.
  • A machine-washable rug is the awesome one for the access point of your home.

An entrance rug with the above characteristics is your go-to rug.  Here are the materials that work best in the entrance.

  • Polypropylene; a synthetic material that is stain resistant, easy to clean, and the fantastic point
    is it is a machine-washable material. Polypropylene is the material for high traffic areas and is
    durable. This affordable material rug comes in vibrant colors and patterns to spice up the
    entrance to your heaven.
  • Jute and sisal are the material for entrance, outdoors, kitchen, and the bathroom. It is an organic rug material suitable for high crowded areas and is stain and humidity-resistant. The material is also easy to clean and wash. Jute is an affordable and soft natural fiber. They are also good for absorbing moisture easily.
  • Wool; a natural fiber is a durable but expensive rug material. It is the softest and coziest rug
    material that will take you up above the clouds when you step on it. But if your home is busy
    with kids and pets, wool is not the material for you. It is suitable for fewer traffic areas and is
    also less moisture absorbent. Besides, wool is easy to clean and vacuum.
  • Nylon is the most common material for entryway area rugs. These rugs are available in beautiful and exciting hues which attract visitors from the access of your home. Moreover, nylon is an affordable and easy to clean material. You can also wash a nylon rug in the machine.

Pile Height

Pile height tells about the thickness of the rug.  A thick pile is soft and cozy but hard to clean. The best option for entrance is a thin pile or no-pile rug. These will be easy to clean and handle. You can also remove the rug on a party day at home.

A thin pile rug with the best material makes it easy to clean after a busy day. You can buy any rug texture at less price at Rugknots. They have a huge rugs variety. Browse their website and buy the best rug.

How to Protect an Entrance Rug

A rug is a way to protect your front door. But rug washing is also hard and you can't do it every other day. To protect your rug, put a door mate in front of the door, also on a rainy day or a day where more guests are expected, try to remove the rug.


Entrances are the welcoming spots of your home. Entryway rugs make your home entrance stylish and cozy. It makes the access to your home inviting and homey. A rug in the entrance makes your home trendy and alluring.