7 Adorable Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

Written by Angel

The people who love plants are the best people on earth. They are super positive and enthusiastic people and if you have them in your surroundings, you can only get the positive vibes from them. So, if you have someone like that, you know how to make them happy – just gift their plants. There is an advantage as well as a disadvantage to selecting the gift for the plant lover. 

The advantage is that you know what you have to give – the plant. The disadvantage is which plant you can give and how to add variety every time. To see the glow in those brimming eyes; you must have some exclusive gift ideas so that you can surprise him or her every time. 

So, here is your cheat code to surprise all the plant lovers with different types of gifts that are related to plants and greenery. 

  1. Table Top Plant: Generally, plant lovers love to keep plants everywhere – from the balcony to the living room. It is your chance to make their workplace also an eco-friendly zone. You can gift them some excellent tabletop plants that they can keep in their workstation. Lucky bamboo plants, succulents, zed plants, and money plants are excellent options for tabletop plants.  
  2. Zodiac Plant: You can also gift plants according to the zodiac sign. There are many plants that are recommended for the people of a particular zodiac. You can also give them good luck plants. Apart from birthdays and anniversaries, if you want gift plants to wish them luck for a new beginning, then you can select zed plants, lucky bamboo plants, or peace lily to convey your good wishes. 
  3. Seeds: Seeds as a gift are very significant. It is the symbol that you want the relationship to grow just like the saplings that will come from the seeds. You can give various types of seed packs like flowers, fruits, or vegetables. If you order plants online, then you can check the segregation of the seeds as per the season. For example, you have to give the winter flowering seeds in the spring so that they can sow them at the right time.
  4. Start-Up Box: A plant start-up box is a very nice gift option for kids or beginner gardeners. The box comes with so many different types of accessories like seeds, markers, cocopeat chunks, eco-friendly little planters or seed trays, and fertilizers. Anyone can grow saplings of vegetables, fruits, or flowers from those growing kits. It comes with all the required instructions so that the kids can follow them and start to take interest in gardening.   
  5. Micro-nutrients Growing Kit: Just like normal start-up boxes, there are boxes for micro-greens as well. You will get the microgreen seeds, seed trays, potting mix, and spray bottle. You can easily check the process from the tutorial videos as well.
  6. Gardening Accessories: Gardening accessories are something that every gardener needs. There are so many things that you can gift like a good quality spray bottle, hose pipe, gloves, watering can, watering nozzles, and many more.
  7. Plant Nutrition: Every plant needs nutrients. And to keep them healthy, you need to supply high-quality organic compost, seaweeds, and other things. You can check the online shops to get them delivered at the doorstep; that too in beautiful packaging. 

Hope these gifting ideas will help you to break the monotony of gifting flowers as you can give them eternal joy in the form of plants. The best thing that you can do is to take part in the initiative of the special person. Try to lend a helping hand in the gardening routine of your loved one so that he or she can cherish your gift all through his life.