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7 Most Important Road Safety Rules You Should Know In Pakistan

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Pakistan is a hustle-bustle country. People travel from one place to another to reach their destination. Some people use personal vehicles, public transport, or prefer walk. All conditions required major road safety rules to secure yourself from unnecessary events.

Traffic incidents are always scary. There is a chance of high deaths rates, injuries, and damage to personal property. The causes of these accidents involved careless driving, impatience, lack of attention, and most importantly, not following the safety measure. While living in Pakistan, you should know about rules and guidelines when traveling on road, furthermore, you must have a valid driving license in Punjab and similarly in other districts.

These are some of the most essential road safety rules we have listed down for you. It is compulsory to understand and follow them.

Maintain your vehicle

If you own a vehicle, it could be a car or a bike, it is essential to spare some time on its maintenance. Inspect the failures which may cause you any unfortunate. For example, tire pressure, changing oil, testing lights, breaks, engine air filter, etc. In short, keeping your vehicle in good condition will help you to ensure your safety.


Before riding your vehicle on roads, it is mandatory to get self-trained. Your training will help you learn driving skills. It also enables you to understand the basic driving rules. You can drive on busy, massive roads with proper training and practice. Once trained now, it is important to have a driving licence. You can issue your driving licence in Punjab, Sindh, or anywhere from Driving Licence Issuance Management System (DLIMS).

Look around before crossing road

To all the pedestrians walking or crossing the road, stay active. Always walk on the safe side of the road or on the footpath. While crossing the road, find the easy spot, look both sides, and then cross. When crossing, do not run, pay attention to your actions. Wait until the traffic signal turns red. When all vehicles stop, you can cross the road safely.

Seat belt/helmet

When driving a car, attach a seat belt always. A seatbelt can be uncomfortable, but making it in your routine will be a great savior. Either driving a car or being seated in the front, the seat belt is for all. Likewise, for all bike riders, it is important to wear a helmet; it will prevent you from hitting the road or any other object.

Obey Traffic Lights

Traffic rules are for everyone; obeying them is our duty. When the light turns red, it is a sign to stop your vehicle. Crossing the red signal is prohibited. According to rules, it is involved in breaking laws. It may cause severe damage to the rule breaker or someone coming from another direction. Hence simple rules obey traffic signals.

Avoid Distractions

Pakistan has banned the use of mobile phones during driving. It may cause a major accident when you are not concentrating. While driving, talking on calls, texting someone, drinking, interacting with passengers, all such activities can be very harmful. Pay attention only to roads.

Extra Careful in Bad Weather

Bad weather and driving could be risky. When driving, if the weather is foggy, heavy rain, or high wind, it is important to be extra careful. You are at high risk in this situation. That’s why drive slowly, use horns, keep a distance from other vehicles. In case circumstances are out of control, park your car and get under the safe shelter; such way, you can save yourself from any harm.


Road safety is every individual duty. It is necessary to follow all the precautions to avoid trouble. Here, we have focused on the major safety rules you should follow, from maintaining a vehicle to driving on the road needs attention. Although these rules are not just for the driver but also for pedestrians. By strictly following the rules, we can control the hurdles.