Hair colour and simple ways to make it last longer

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If you colour your hair, there is no question that you spend a significant amount of your hard-earned money and valuable time sitting at hair salons to keep your colour looking its most beautiful.

In addition, if you colour your hair, you probably spend a lot of time doing so. And if you’re like a lot of other people, you might not even realise that you’re throwing away a significant portion of that cash every time you walk into the shower.

There are some tried-and-true techniques and tricks that can help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your beauty routine so that you can get your hair coloured and keep it looking as good as new without spending a lot of money.

Read on for information that will prevent your colour-treated hair from fading in between salon appointments and prevent you from ever making the rash decision to stop washing your hair.

1. Less Shampooing

If you wash your hair too frequently, not only will it become dry and lifeless, but the colour of your hair may also become less vibrant.  The shampoo removes not only the colour from your hair but also the natural oils from your scalp, which are what nourishes your hair and give it a healthy appearance.

The colouring power of your strands can also be improved with the use of the same oils. In light of this, you should limit how frequently you wash your hair with natural hair color shampoo in order to preserve the vibrancy of its colour.

2. Avoid hot tools

When you want to achieve the absolute pinnacle of hair goals, the temptation to crank up the temperature on your styling equipment is understandable.

However, it’s possible that the heat is the cause of your colour being a little less vibrant than usual. If you want to keep your colour for as long as possible, you should limit the amount of time you spend using hot tools as much as you can.

3. Condition Correctly

It is essential to know how to properly apply hair conditioner to your colour-treated hair. Look for daily conditioners that infuse hair with additional conditioning.

Shea butter, vegetable glycerin, avocado oil, aloe vera, and jojoba extract are some examples of natural elements you should look for in a conditioner. Hair will be more hydrated, shiny, and frizz-free if you follow these steps.

Once you’ve found the ideal conditioner, you need to be strategic about how you apply it. Don’t slap it on as soon as you’re done washing your hair. If you want your conditioner to really work, you need to drain out the extra water from your hair first. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to thoroughly coat each individual hair strand. To avoid drying out your hair and ending up with brittle ends, always rinse with lukewarm or cold water.

4. Stay Away from Sun

Although the sun’s natural health advantages, such as appropriate levels of Vitamin D, and therapy for seasonal affective disorder are real and significant, the sun’s damaging UV rays can destroy your delicate skin and hair. Sunlight and heat may dry out your hair, causing the colour to fade.

You don’t have to completely avoid the sun, though. Just use your head! If you’ve had your hair dyed, keeping it out of the elements will keep the free radicals from forming and causing the colour to fade. In order to protect your hair from the sun’s rays when you’re out for long periods of time, use a leave-in treatment that has a UV filter.

Additionally, using a shampoo formulated with UV absorbers might provide additional protection for your hair’s colour. In addition, a fashionable hat may be worn as a quick and simple method of sun protection.

5. Touch Up Faded Hair

Root touch-up products are your best buddy after colouring your hair. Go to the medicine shop when you see new growth so you may get a touch-up product to conceal it.

These miraculous products can repair colours and even out greys in the comfort of your own home. You can buy a touch-up product in a wide range of colours, so you shouldn’t have any trouble selecting one that works with your skin tone. Choose a product that also functions as a brush so that you can apply the marker with little effort.

6. Drink More Water

Keep the hair well-moisturised, since this is especially crucial after getting it dyed. Hair that is properly hydrated produces greater shine and better colour retention than parched, dehydrated tresses. Use a deep conditioning mask once weekly to restore moisture to your hair.

In Conclusion

What you use to colour your hair will determine how long the colour lasts. If you want your hair colour to last longer and stay vibrant, try some of the easy tricks suggested in this article.

Learning these simple tricks might help you extend the life of your permanent hair dye and give your hair a more vibrant hue. Some people find that colouring their hair with organic herbal hair colour or eliminating debris from their scalps helps maintain the vibrancy of their hair colour.

It’s possible that using a hair colour without ammonia and washing your hair with cold water can extend the life of your permanent hair colour.