How to Fix Roku not connecting to WiFi?

Written by getassist

A stable internet connection is very important to access all the content that is available on Roku and if there is a weak internet connection or some interruption with the network then, you will not be able to see the contents that are displayed on Roku and you will not be able to access anything on Roku. 

So, if Roku won’t connect to WiFi after reset then, it can be very troubling for the users and you will not be able to stream anything on Roku. So in this guide, we are going to share some simple troubleshooting methods with you that will help you to fix the issue with Roku. 

Troubleshooting Methods that will help to fix Roku not connecting to WiFi

All the methods that we are going to share here will help you in fixing all the issues that you have with Roku. Read them carefully and then follow the same procedures on your device. 

Fix 1: Check your Internet connection

The first thing you have to do is to see if the internet connection of Roku is stable and strong and for this, you can see this from the Settings of your Roku application. There you will see an option names Network from where you can see the connection service of your Roku network and make sure that the connection you are using is strong and stable. 

Fix 2: Restart Roku

Another thing that you can try is if the go internet speed is not fast enough. You should try to restart the application as this will fix some minor glitches and technical errors that there might be with the application. There is also a system restart option in the application settings that will help you in this. 

Fix 3: Reset your WiFi router and modem

If you are thinking why is my Roku not connecting to wifi then, the issue can also be in the Wi-Fi router and modem. You can try to restart the Wi-fi router and modem and see if this fixes the network issues that you are facing. 

Fix 4: Move Roku closer to the router and modem

The weak signal of your Roku connection can also be because of the distance between the device and the Wi-fi modem. Try to move the modem and router close to the Roku device and then try to access the contents that are available on Roku.