How to Start a Guest Post Service

Written by jacykiano

If you’re just starting out and have a blog but no regular readers or social media followers, you’re probably feeling pretty discouraged. It can be hard to get your blog noticed when so many other blogs are vying for the same audience. That’s why starting your own guest posting service is such an essential part of your digital marketing strategy as a new blogger. 

When you host guest posts, you provide another blog with content for their site in exchange for exposure and more regular visitors. This helps establish your blog as an authority within your niche and gets people digging deeper into what you write about. 

Think of it as a win-win situation – the blog that hosts your guest post gets quality content from another author, while you get more exposure for your own ideas and perhaps even future clients if someone sees what you’ve written and thinks it would fit well on their own site. Read on for all the details about how to start a guest post service as a new blogger!

Content is Key to Success

No matter how much you’d like to start getting guest posts flowing, you’ll likely struggle to get anyone to write for your blog if you don’t have the content to back it up. If you don’t have anything worthwhile to offer, no one will be interested in your ideas. 

This is something you’ll have to work on as you build up your blogging experience. To start, be sure to have a thorough understanding of what makes a good blog post. Learning what attracts readers to a piece of content is a great place to start. 

Once you’ve got a better idea of what kind of posts are going to be popular, you’ll be better placed to write quality content that appeals to your audience. Next, create a schedule and plan for how you’re going to publish regularly on a schedule. 

This will help you stay on track and avoid falling behind. Being consistent is key to growing your blog and getting noticed by potential readers and sponsors. You also want to make sure to keep reading your analytics and measuring your results. You might discover that your content is doing better than you thought or that a certain type of post is getting the most traction. This can help you refine your approach and focus on those areas where your content is most likely to be successful.

Research your Niche

Before you even start drafting up the first guest post for your service, you need to have a thorough understanding of which topics and ideas you’ll be featuring on other blogs. 

This will help you choose relevant articles and avoid guest posts that are simply filler content. If you’re just starting out and don’t have a large pool of backlinks to draw from yet, you’ll want to choose a very narrow niche. 

This will help ensure you have plenty of content to work with in the future. Once you’ve narrowed down your chosen niche, you can start researching other blogs within your chosen topic. 

Try searching Google for a blog or niche-specific forums. These are often frequented by other bloggers, who can give you great tips and advice. You can also use tools to help you find blogs that are relevant to your topic. 

These include tools like BuzzSumo and SEMrush, which scan the internet and tell you which blogs in your niche are getting the most visits or social media shares.

You can also use Google to find blogs that are owned by blogs you want to partner with. By seeing which other sites are affiliated with each site, you can get a better idea of what topics and ideas they’re writing about.

Find a Blog Partner

Now that you’ve got a list of blogs that you’d like to work with, you’ll have to find a blog partner. This is something that many new bloggers don’t have a great handle on. It’s not easy to find blogs that are looking for partners, so you’ll need to get creative to find hosts. 

You can reach out to other bloggers in your niche and see if they know anyone that might be willing to partner with you. You can also reach out to other bloggers in your industry that may have less established blogs and see if they know of anyone looking for partners. If all else fails, you can reach out to sites that host the posts you want to be featured on. Most have a section in their contact form where you can send a message and let them know about your offer.

Create a Plan for Success

Now you’ve got a list of guest post partners, it’s time to come up with a plan for how you’re going to approach this. You want to be realistic with your expectations but you also want to keep them high. You want to keep your numbers low at first so that you can try out the process and see how it goes.

Once you’ve got this figured out, you can ramp things up and bring in more money. Once you know how many posts you’d like to publish each month, you can break that down into smaller amounts like 1, 2, or 3 a month. This will help you stay on track and feel like you’re making progress instead of getting overwhelmed by the task at hand.

Write Your First Guest Post

Now that you have a plan in place and your guest post partners lined up, it’s time to write the first post for your service. This is the one that should really show off what your blog is about and what makes it special. Guest posts are a chance for new bloggers to get some regular exposure and build up an audience. 

Instead of it being a one-off, you’re trying to make it a regular part of your content strategy. Guest posts can be written in a variety of different styles and formats, but there are some general guidelines to follow that will help you write a successful piece. 

Most importantly, you want to make sure that your article really delivers. You need to make sure that your readers want to read it and that they learn something new from what you have to say. You can also make use of guest post directories or forums to find inspiration and see what kind of content other people are publishing.

Stay Active and Careful Monitoring

Now that you’ve got your first guest post out the door, you’ll want to continue to produce high-quality content. You also want to make sure you keep an eye out for new blog partners. 

There are a lot of guest posting sites out there, so it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. To get the most success in your guest posting, you need to choose a site that is high-quality. 

This means it has a lot of followers and is relevant to the niche you’re in. Another important thing to remember is that you have to keep the articles you write for your guest posts active. You can’t let them sit around on your site and go stale. You should also be actively looking for new blog partners.


In order to succeed as a blogger, you need to get out there and start writing. While that seems pretty obvious, it’s easy to get discouraged and let your enthusiasm wane while you wait for inspiration to strike.

That’s why it’s important to find ways to get your content out there while you’re still getting started. Guest posting can be a great way to get your name out there and grow your following without spending a lot of time or money in the process.