How to Write a Wikipedia Page for a Company | A step-by-step Guide

If you want to create a Wikipedia page for any organization, these few steps will show you how to do it correctly:

Step 1:

You must create a Wikipedia account. It is not recommended to use your own organization’s name as the username. It may develop the characteristics of a “part account,” and such accounts are not permitted on Wikipedia. If you want to incorporate the company name with yours, write “Alex. Ax (Umbrella Corp.)” after your name. If you want, you can use your own name; otherwise, you can use any name you want.

Step 2:

You must collect and research the sources. Because Wikipedia has a structure, rules, and guidelines in which Notability is an element, your article must have a trustworthy and reliable source. This is especially important for any Wikipedia writing services or article because the incorporation criteria require the material to be “Notable,” and if it is not, your article will be deleted. You should avoid using press releases and referencing your own website. The website of your organization or any press release is not a free source.

Step 3:

Since you know what kind of reference not to use and want to learn how to write a Wikipedia page for a company, you should consult a variety of sources or seek assistance from a Wikipedia page creation service where there is a discussion about your organization. You must ensure that the reference you have obtained speaks in depth and detail about your organization. You must locate and present at least three strong and notable references—the more the merrier.

Step 4:

You can make use of an entire namespace called “draught.” A draught is essentially a subpage of the user page. It is recommended that you use a draught page, but this is not the only option; you have many other options for your material. If you are having a problem in making draught then you can hire a Wikipedia editor.

Step 5:

You must write about your organization or business in a possible one-line sentence. It’s similar to a short question and answer. “What is the name of the organization?” for example. The first content in the bold format in the sentence of your article is the most basic element and Wikipedia tradition. Remember that the content or information you add must be neutral.

Moving from general to specific data will be easier once you’ve gone through a few more elements.


You must organize and include the references in the footnote. Make sure to include references because only they can confirm that what people read on the page is appropriate and genuine.