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Is NEAR a Good Investment in 2022?

Written by fernelisabeth

As the craze for NFTs continues to advance, it would be a good investment choice to develop NFTs and marketplace platforms on the NEAR protocol. As it offers extensive useful elements, the NEAR protocol would be beneficial for both investors and users in many ways. Apart from the above-mentioned factors, next comes some intriguing statistics about the NEAR protocol that would give a clear view of the growth of the NEAR blockchain network and help you understand how NEAR Protocol would be a wise choice of investment.

Stats About NEAR Ecosystem

The number of active members of the NEAR network has raised from 1.1M to about 15M in a short period.

This network has raised a fund amount of $400 M within a year from its launch. 

The all-time high market cap of the NEAR network is $12.39 B, i.e about $20.02 per NEAR coins

The NEAR coins are at a maximum supply of 1Billion, out of which only 200M NEAR coins are left to be issued as rewards for staking

Top 5 NEAR NFT Projects in 2022

Below mentioned are the popular NFT projects that are built on NEAR Protocol

  • Paras
  • Mintbase
  • OP Games
  • DAO Records
  • Satori

NFT Marketplace Development On NEAR Protocol

After knowing about the lucrative facts of NEAR Protocol, no wonder if you have made up your mind to invest in NEAR NFT Marketplace Development. Foreseeing the business benefits of NFT Marketplace Development on NEAR Protocol, Developcoins as a leading NFT Marketplace development company has started providing a wide range of NFT solutions on NEAR Protocol.