Is Personality Development The Key To Happiness In 2022

Written by anmolkaushal

Quick definition of personality development

Personality development represents a set of currents of thought and methods aim at better self-knowledge, Online Personality Development Classes in Chandigarh the enhancement of talents and potential, the improvement of the quality of life, the realization of one’s aspirations and dreams.

It is not psychotherapy (base on the past whereas DP works on the present) and results from multiple influences. It’s quite difficult to define personality development, but what seems to be the common thread is the willingness to work on yourself.

The Illusion of Modern Happiness

What is happiness  ? It is a pleasant, balance and more or less lasting emotional state in which a person finds himself.

And the illusion ? It is a false interpretation of what one perceives.

We are taught a lot of things since our earliest childhood, however there is no subject in school that helps us know who we are and how to be happy. What makes that we deduce from it that it is necessary to DO things to HAVE material to BE happy.

Today we live in a so-called “consumer” society that sells you dreams, tempts you and influences you to the point of becoming dependent on them. So most of us build our happiness base on all this outside information.

True happiness lies within us

And yet “TRUE” happiness is simply burie within us. The magic formula is just the opposite of what we are taught. It is not: doing to have and be, but rather being who we are to make the right choices and finally have what we want.

True happiness is feeling good about yourself, a state where we are in perfect harmony with life, Online Personality Development Classes in Chandigarh with the Universe, with everything.

It’s a feeling.

True happiness does not depend on any being, on any external object. It only depends on you. However, this happiness is so burie that we no longer know how to be in order to have it. This is why personality development can be very useful to find yourself.

Personality development: stop looking for happiness and live happily

Personality development brings many benefits:

• Learn to be assertive/to say no

• Increase your abilities

• Being confident in one’s self

• Become aware of yourself, get to know yourself

• Learn to make decisions in line with your objectives

• Learn to set goals

• Improve your relationships

• Be + positive and + happy

• Gain autonomy

• Boost your creativity

If we learn and apply alone or thanks to an accompaniment these different points we can become autonomous and responsible for our life and thus live happily and acquire lasting happiness over time.

The final word

“  I accept the great adventure of being me”

The key to happiness is in each of us and it is up to us to choose how we want to use it. It is certain that personality development has multiple tools to access this.

Have confidence in yourself, Online Personality Development Classes in Chandigarh change is a necessary step in any process of evolution.