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Know the Fundamentals of Towing

Written by raviprakash

Every driver wishes not to be stuck in a stranded place where you can’t see anybody or where there is anyone to offer help. Everyone wishes not to happen, but vehicle breakdowns are pretty standard. So, calling the tow company in Houston is the next best thing you can do. Thus, let’s understand the towing fundamentals and prepare yourself in advance. 

1. Reasons for Towing 

A vehicle breakdown is a globally approved reason for calling the towing service, but some of the not-so-popular reasons are:

  • Empty gas tank 
  • Deflated tyre 
  • Collision with another vehicle 
  • Engine Overheating 
  • Jammed vehicle in mud, deep trench, snow or hill 
  • Jumpstart car for battery 
  • Locking yourself outside of the vehicle 

2. Understand Types of Towing Vehicles

Not necessarily every time you have to call for a tow truck service; instead, depending upon the need, there are different forms of towing vehicles available, and some popular ones are:

Flatbed: it is one of the most common types of towing vehicles, and the primary reason behind it is the safety of the car. 

Wheel Lift: the wheel lift towing is quite common, especially for inaccurate parked vehicles. It is very much similar to hook and chain towing.  

Hook and Chain: one of the traditional towing methods but still famous for dragging the vehicle out of the mud or snow where the front and rear wheels have lost their working capacity. 

Integrated: integrated towing is a mixture of two methodologies, i.e., boom and wheel lift, and is widely popular for illegally parked vehicles and massive vehicles. 

3. Towing cost 

If your insurance company is not offering you the towing service or covering up the towing costs, call for the towing company from outside. 

Also, some companies provide free towing service with a few km, say 2 to 5 from their office. The standard towing charges are $70 to $130, and they can go higher after crossing the threshold distance, say 10 miles. Plus, the towing costs mainly depend upon four factors, and they are:

  • Size and weight of the vehicle. 
  • Time, like charges at night, is more. 
  • Distance 
  • Type of tow truck used 

4. Difference between the Towing and Wrecker Service 

The Majority Company offers  wrecker service in Houston and the towing service, but there is a common misconception that towing and wrecking service is the same, but they aren’t. So the significant differentiators are explained below: 

  • Wrecking is mainly used for recovery but is equipped to tow. 
  • Meanwhile, the tow trucks are specially meant for towing. 
  • A Wrecker truck also functions as a tow truck, but a tow truck can never be used as a wrecker truck.

5. Kinds of Vehicles that can be Towed 

If you ask the question, that does all vehicles can be towed? For the maximum cases, the answer will be a yes. Some companies offer a full range of towing facilities ranging from passenger vehicles to heavy-duty vehicles such as garbage bins, buses, etc.  However, the big question comes around towing an electric vehicle, you can pull all-electric cars, but a combustion engine should power it.