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Simple Wedding Centerpiece Flower Arrangement Ideas On A Budget

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Simple Wedding Centerpiece Flower Arrangement Ideas On A Budget

Flowers add beauty to our celebrations and they are a must-have for every occasion. A huge variety of flowers are available, some budget-friendly and others expensive. 

When it comes to deciding the decoration and wedding centerpieces flower arrangement ideas you can choose from the variety available based on what you like and your budget. On your big day, you have to incur several other expenses. Thus, based on your budget you can decide to add elegance to the decoration. 

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There are plenty of budget-friendly options available as well that look gorgeous when used as DIY wedding centerpieces. Also, flowers find application in so many places on a wedding day, boutonnieres, reception decor, cake decoration, and so many other places. Well, anyone can easily spend over $10,000 for flowers alone. 

Here we will talk about having a beautiful wedding decoration with a gorgeous wedding centerpiece flower arrangement. With this, you need not punch a hole in your pocket. Without further ado, let’s dive into the article.  

  • Pick The Flowers That Are In-Season

Just as there is a season for fruits and vegetables, flowers have seasons too. The wedding menu is generally decided based on the season it is being held. Similarly, the flowers for the decoration should also be planned based on the season. In-season flowers are a lot cheaper and they will help you save a good amount of money. 

Even if you find some off-season flowers, the price would be at least 5 times more than what they charge during the season. Fresh flower centerpieces are the best choice.

  • You Can Repurpose The Bridal Bouquets

At the reception, the flower bouquets will not be used so they will only go to waste. Before throwing them away, you can choose to repurpose them for the wedding centerpieces flower arrangement. This way your requirement for centerpieces will be covered and also you will not have to spend money to get them ready. 

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  • Choose To Go Simple To The Extent Possible: 

At times less can be more as well. Thus, simple and elegant flower decoration and centerpieces will look more captivating than complex ones. Also, being simplistic will cost you less money. You will be able to plan for a very nice decoration on a budget. Beautiful decoration and wedding table arrangement will add to your overall wedding. Also, you will get a chance to be the talk of the town. 

One of the best ways in which you can simplify the wedding flowers to a great extent is by just getting the basics. For instance, go for just wedding centerpiece flower arrangement, bouquets, boutonnieres, and altar arrangements. 

  • Don’t Be Too Picky

If you are tight on a budget, you will have to compromise on the flower selection and decoration as well. It means you cannot be happy with the final output if you stay too picky throughout. 

The fact of being too picky is especially true when it comes to flowers. You should be open to numerous options when it comes to selecting flower bunches and centerpieces.

That said, you will have to put in a good amount of money if you want a picky selection of flowers. If you are buying flowers from a local florist for a wedding centerpiece flower arrangement, instead of buying them online, let the florist know your budget, and based on it they will decide. 

Unless you are open to the suggestions, you may not like their idea and this way the decoration will not be decided. 

  • Share the Centerpieces and Flowers

Enquire the venue manager about if there is some other wedding scheduled at the same venue as yours. They may have back-to-back receptions at their venue. Thus, if you like the decoration and centerpieces of a couple who have had their reception at the same place you can choose to share the flowers and wedding reception tablescapes

You can also ask the other bride and groom who are about to host their reception. If they like the flowers that you will use, you both can split the costs. This way you can save money. 

  • Use Silk Flowers

It often happens that after seeing a flower we often ask ourselves if the flower is real or fake. You will get silk flowers available at a much cheaper rate, You can also repurpose them again and again at different functions that you host. That said, you can consider it as a one-time investment. 

Silk flowers are not only beautiful but they also last forever, unlike the real ones that go pale in just a day or two. The best part of using silk flowers is that even if you don’t want to keep the flowers after your wedding, you can choose to sell them off again, for someone else to use.

The Bottom Line

We shared some great ideas that will help you save a lot of money on flower arrangements and also on wholesale wedding centerpieces. You can choose to work with a florist to figure out what flowers are available at the moment. Also, try to find which ones will fit your budget. This way you can decide better.