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Top Twitter influencers you need to follow for expert career advice

Written by jobsdive

The influencer market is thriving nowadays whether it be the presence of the influencers themselves or the profits they might be gaining from their engagement. But influencers are not just there on Instagram, other social media platforms are playing an equal part in increasing their visibility too! One such social media platform is Twitter.

Why Twitter:

The microblogging site is a popular one without a doubt and it has been around longer than most of the new social media platforms like Instagram. But to filter out the REAL influencers or the once, whose advice can truly prove to be helpful and worth following can be a hard task. This is especially important in the case of career influencers. 

Making the decision to trust an online influencer when it comes to helping you with your career can be a daunting task. However, in this aspect, it is important to know who is the cream of the cream. This is where we come into the picture. We have here a list of the top Twitter influencers you need to follow for expert career advice!

Biron Clark (@BironClark):

Having started as an executive recruiter in the year 2012, and progressing to a career in publishing, Biron provides advice on Twitter, post having worked with more than a hundred job seekers and 50 companies. He has also gone through thousands of resumes and LinkedIn profiles as well to come with the advice he has been distributing for such a long time!

His main aim is to help job seekers gain confidence when it came to their career development path. He helps these job seekers find high paying as well as in-demand jobs. He has a blog too that you should follow so that you can go through advice by him that will help you get noticed by job recruiters. His blog covers everything from pre and post-interview processes. He also has a master list of job resources which he shares with his readers. 

Darius Foroux (@dariusforoux):

A successful blogger, entrepreneur and podcaster, Darius’s main focus is on one key question to help spread his career advice; How to live a useful life that matters? Though this might sound like a philosophy lesson to you, the advice on his blog is anything but that! You will find that his blog usually revolves around 4 things:

    • Productivity: How one can be more productive and yet maintain their mental health
    • Personal Finance: Adding to the earnings without having to waste energy. 
  • Habits to keep in mind: How to form habits that will help make one’s life better
  • Decision making: Making career decisions that do not lead to regret

His blog is updated every week with either a new article or a new podcast revolving around one of these 4 topics. Literally, everyone and anyone looking for a job will find his updates and insights brilliantly helpful!

Lindsey Pollak (@lindseypollak)

Linsey has proven to be an amazing advisor when it comes to helping out companies as well as the younger crowd. She helps them grab the best opportunity in today’s work environment. The author of the New York bestseller; Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders, Lindsey helps advise close to 250 companies, law firms and even universities.  

Each and every piece of advice that she provides are easier to follow than most, including the advice for companies on how they should successfully put their multigenerational workforce to good use. Her main motto is to help guide the younger generation in picking the right career and help companies understand the younger generation’s perspective.

Debra Wheatman (@debrawheatman):

The founder of Jobs Done Write, Debra has close to 18 years of experience in the corporate human resource sector. Her main focus is now on helping people develop their skills in a manner that will help them get noticed in the eyes of the top corporations of the country. Because she has had so much experience in the sector, she knows everything there is to know about the career ladder. 

Her main focus remains on aspects like acing the interview process, the importance of personal branding and networking as well. She also offers advice on how one can perfect their resume effectively so that one can attract the right kind of attention from the right recruiters. 

Alison Doyle (@AlisonDoyle):

It has been more than 20 years that Alison has spent working as a job search as well as a career expert. Her Twitter handle is literally chock full of expert advice that all job seekers would be thrilled to go through. Her feed is filled with titbits and advice for job seekers who are on the lookout for career improvement tips. 

She is the founder and CEO of Career Tool Belt is a blog that offers career advice, straight up to people looking for it. She also has 3 books to her name that talk about everything you need to know about different careers. 

The bottom line:

What you need to remember when you are in search of career advice online is to ensure that you follow the right people and take advice from them. We don’t want you wandering around the social media platform without a clue about who to follow in this regard! We truly hope that this list helps you make well-informed career decisions and reach greater heights when it comes to your job! 

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