Travelling the right way

Tip 1

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If you have the luxury of time, try traveling by train or by boat to offset carbon emissions

Choose your airlines wisely

Tip 2

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Pick an airline that lets you offset your travel emissions when you purchase your ticket.

Reduce your waste

Tip 3

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The amount of trash we generate personally on a daily and annual basis is staggering. Whenever possible, bring your own utensils and bags.

Reach in time at Airport

Tip 4

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Keep Healthy food with you. if you eat outside food then you have to face your health issue.

Don't eat too much fast food.

Tip 5

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There is Carry-on baggage, checked in baggage, personal items. It is important to know the rules of each baggage and what all items are allowed to bring for each.

Energy saving tips that will save the world

From Jane Dow

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