What are QuickBooks ACH Payments and Help us

In this blog, we will concern you with the process, or set up method in QuickBooks ACH payment. If you are interested to learn something regarding this topic then, read the blog till the end so that, it will be understood very well.

What are QuickBooks ACH Payments

Intuit QuickBooks Payments support multiple payment methods such as Debit cards, Credit Card, and ACH Payments. It depends on the business owners through which platform you are ready to accept payments. Accepting payments through ACH Payments or ACH lost less is very helpful for business owners because it is 50 cents per transaction. 

Intuit QuickBooks ACH Payments is an outstanding tool for business enterprises either small-scale, medium-scale, or large-scale enterprises. Anytime you can set up recurring invoices, and payments for bills and schedule ongoing customer bill payments. You can view, manage, and record QuickBooks ACH Payments recurring transactions, scheduled payments automatically, or prevent recurring ACHs.

How QuickBooks ACH Payments Helps You

ACH Transfers and Echecks are fast, secure as well as paper-free. It offers multiple facilities to its users. Look at the facilities offered by ACH transfers.

  • Electronically movement of Money When customers enter their bank information, QuickBooks will prepare ACH and checks information for the ACH(“Automated Clearing House”) network.
  • Safe & Secure Payments QuickBooks will deliver ACH Payments and electronic checks electronically over a safe and secure network to your bank.
  • Avoid Paper Work   Just because it supports electronic, ACH Payments and checks are faster and more reliable and faster than checks. And it doesn’t support paper tacking.
  • Reduces Processing Costs ACH Payments and e-checks require very fewer efforts to process than paper checks. It is very less expensive compared to credit card transactions.
  • Increasing Sales If you don’t accept paper checks, eChecks acceptance will provide more payment options for the customers.
  • Reduce Risk Merchant Service Providers (ACH and e-check payment) maintain and monitor the files to help and protect you from fraud.

How to Process ACH Payment in QuickBooks from a Customer

Ready to learn the process of QuickBooks ACH Transfer from a Customer for making customer’s sales receipts and invoices in QuickBooks Online. By adopting this strategy you can free yourself from hectic Bank runs and Paper checks. It requires proper customer authorization to accept QuickBooks ACH payments in QuickBooks Online. It offers a save option so that you need to put and enter the same details in the future. If you want to put another detail in the future then log out first and then enter new details.