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What Is An Email Grabber Tool?

Written by webscrapinginfo

What’s an Email Grabber/Email Finder?

Can you imagine how nice it would be if you could simply extract email addresses from multiple websites automatically without coding for any country, city, or state? Email Grabber, also known as email scraper, provides the solution to find and build. These types of tools can help you extract emails from search engines, PDF files, Excel files, Text files, and websites.

Using the appropriate email grabber software for sales and email marketing, you can find emails by name, qualify them, and build a quality email address list.

Why Do You Need Email Grabber Software?

A targeted email list is necessary for a successful email marketing campaign. Not all the email IDs that you have bought or collected through different means of sources are correct and valid. You can collect emails manually but many of them may be fake and there are many chances of errors when copy-pasting data, all of which will adversely affect your overall deliverability and credibility.

Furthermore, a lot of the email leads that you collected may leave incomplete info, with possibly the right contact information in terms of company names or first names, but doesn’t guarantee the right email ID.

Clearly, collecting the right email IDs of customers and businesses is not an easy thing. It is a time-consuming and tedious task but an important task for everyone, and it gets even more difficult when you have collect bulk email leads on a daily basis.

This is where email scraping tools can help you greatly.

You cannot afford low open and click-through rates for a long time, as it will hurt your business.

The Best 2 Email Grabber Tools In 2022 

  1. Cute Web Email Extractor

Cute Web Email Grabber is one of the most efficient and most used email scraping tools in the industry today. It comes with amazing features that offer a desktop application that allows you to find accurate and valid email IDs of the relevant person within an organization, with just the names of the company or person. The Bulk Email Extractor lets you upload available contact info in bulk in CSV or spreadsheet file formats, and it returns a list of reliable email IDs of relevant people in CSV, Excel, or Text files. It also offers a unique feature to find emails by zip codes and website URLs.

Key Features:

Unlimited emails for email marketing from search engines, websites, and local files

100% Safe and reliable Email List Extractor Software

Ability to find email data for more than 195 countries from more than 66 search engines

Has many articles, Video Tutorial & Dedicated Chat support to understand the working of the software

No coding is required to use this Gmail Email Extractor software

Affordable for everyone as the price is $59.99 for one year.

  1. Top Lead Extractor

Top Lead Extractor is a more comprehensive bulk email and phone number finder tool that gives you both emails and phone numbers for email marketing and mobile marketing. You can search for email IDs or phone numbers with just the names or with the domains and it offers a desktop application to find email IDs and mobile numbers from websites you visit online. The Web Contact Extractor will also provide social contact information to boost your social media marketing efforts. Email and Phone Number Extractor lets you save time and effort immensely and helps you find the right people to contact.

Key Features

Allow you to find business and customer email by name, zip code, mobile company code, website URL, and address.

Find data from more than 66 search engines and for 195 countries

Useful for b2b sales, email marketing, telemarketing, and text marketing.

Easy to use interface with 99% accuracy.

Provides multiple emails and phone numbers to use in your marketing campaigns, rather than just one with a fast load time.

Let’s you save your data in CSV, Excel, and Text files.


Email Finder tools make it easy to quickly build a list of qualified emails to reach out to.

Whenever you are looking for an affordable all-in-one option with a wide range of tools, multiple features, great customer support, and a good reputation, Cute Web Email Extractor might be the perfect choice for you.

So, depending on your needs, these tools will be better than others, but they’re all going to be a good start for your business and marketing campaigns.