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Why Counselling Doesn’t Work: The Truth About Mental Health

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Mental health is a complex issue, and many believe that counselling is the best way to deal with mental health problems. However, counselling often doesn’t work. In this blog post, we will explore some of the reasons why counselling doesn’t work for mental health issues, and we will offer some alternatives that might be more effective.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is the process of providing professional psychological help and guidance to people who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. It can be helpful for people who are struggling with personal issues, relationship problems, or mental health disorders. Counselling can also benefit people who want to improve their overall well-being.

There is no one-size-fits-all definition of counselling, as the process can vary depending on the individual’s needs and goals. However, all types of counselling share some standard features, such as providing support and guidance, helping people explore their thoughts and feelings, and assisting them in making positive changes in their lives.

The Main Reason Why Counselling Fail?

One of the main reasons why counselling fails is because people do not understand what it is. Counselling is not just about talking to someone about your problems. Instead, it is a process that involves exploring your thoughts and feelings and working through them with the help of a trained professional.

Another reason counselling can fail is that people are not ready to change. Change is hard, and it takes time. If you are not prepared to commit to the change process, then counselling is likely to fail.

Finally, counselling can also fail if the relationship between the counsellor and the client is not a good fit. Therefore, it is essential that you feel comfortable with your counsellor, and that you feel like they understand you. If you do not think this way, counselling is unlikely to succeed.

When considering counselling, it is essential to keep these things in mind. Counselling is a process that requires time, effort, and commitment. If you are not ready for change, or if you do not feel comfortable with your counsellor, then counselling is likely to fail. However, if you are willing to do the work, counselling can be an incredibly successful way to improve your life.

How can Counsellors Make Counselling Effective?

There are different ways that counsellors can make counselling effective. One way is by using a technique called active listening. This involves paying attention to what the client is saying and reflecting on what you have heard. 

This helps the client to feel understood and also allows the counsellor to get a better understanding of the problem. Another way of making counselling effective is by setting boundaries. This means that the counsellor establishes clear limits with the client regarding what is and isn’t appropriate behaviour. 

This helps create a safe environment for both parties involved and prevents things from getting too out of hand. Finally, counsellors must be aware of their own biases and limitations. For example, if a counsellor is uncomfortable discussing specific topics, they should clarify this from the outset. 

This way, the client can choose to go to someone who may be better suited to help them. Counselling can be an effective way to help people work through their problems and improve their mental health. However, counsellors need to know how they can make counselling effective. 

Counsellors can enrich themselves by learning several counselling techniques by taking psychotherapy classes online. By using techniques such as active listening and setting boundaries, counsellors can create a safe and supportive environment for their clients.


Counselling is a popular treatment for mental health issues, but it doesn’t work for everyone. In some cases, counselling can make mental health problems worse. If you’re struggling with mental health issues, it’s important to find the right treatment that works for you. There are many different types of treatments available, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.