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Why Most of the SEOs Are Experiencing Unexpected Search Ranking Drops?

No doubt, if you want to get a higher ranking in the SERP and increase in website traffic, you will have to spend enough effort. After gaining a higher ranking in the SERP, you will have to gradually look at your ranking report. While checking this report, you may observe that you have completely lost your ranking. If you have to face this experience, you will know that it is one of the worst experiences in the world. Your website will also have to face these kinds of problems. You should try to know how to handle these issues. Here, we will discuss the unexpected search ranking drops that most of the SEOs are experiencing.

Manual Search Engine Penalty:

These kinds of penalties will post human reviewers on Google. They will determine that your website is violating webmaster quality guidelines. Your website has to face manual Google penalties due to various reasons. For example, your website has been hacked. They can also submit these penalties due to unnatural backlinks and spam issues.

If you have observed a sudden decrease in the ranking of various keywords, first of all, you should check it. You can easily check these penalties by logging into Google Search Console. The webmasters can see these penalties in the manual actions section. You may have to face this problem due to the negative SEO of your website. For example, you are getting backlinks from spammy sources. Some on-page SEO violations can also become a cause of unexpected search ranking drops.

Google Algorithm Update:

Google is trying to provide the best search results to users. That’s why it frequently introduces new algorithm updates. Due to these Google algorithm updates, you may have to face sudden and unexpected search ranking drops. If you are facing unexpected search ranking drops, you should also check Google algorithm updates.

You can easily get an idea about Google algorithm update in the news feed. If you don’t know how to recover your website’s ranking, you should do a competitive analysis. You should examine their pages in-depth and try to find out recent updates on the pages. These pages will provide some clues to recover the ranking. Sometimes, you may have to face this kind of problem due to ongoing Google algorithm updates. Therefore, you should also check all the major updates of Google.

Lost Backlinks:

No doubt, if you have created low-quality links for your website, these links can also become a cause of unexpected ranking drops. In some cases, you may have dropped the high-quality links. When your website will drop the high-quality links, Google will also drop your ranking. To get an idea about the lost links of your website, you should use the SEO SpyGlass tool.

This tool will provide a backlinking history of your website in the form of a graph. You should analyze this history and try to know the critical losses of the links. If you have lost the best quality links, you should contact the site owners. You should request them for getting links back. Based on the quality of the links, you can also offer some incentives to the site owners.

Site Changes:

It is a fact that if we want to get the best results, we have to make some changes. For example, we can make some changes in its design, CMS or HTTPS. Some changes will not affect the ranking of your website. In some cases, these changes can increase the ranking of your website. Sometimes, these changes can become a cause of unexpected search ranking drops. If you have recently made some changes to your website, you should open Google Search Console. Here, you should go to the coverage page. If you will see lots of warnings, it means that your ranking has dropped due to these changes. Therefore, you should try to remove these errors from your website.

User Behavior Changes:

According to a dissertation writing firm, the Google representatives are saying that your website can also face unexpected ranking drops due to user behavioural changes. The best way to check user behaviour changes of your website is to check its CTR. To check the CTR of your website, you can go to Google Search Console. If you will observe a sudden decrease in the CTR of your website, this thing can also become a cause of the search ranking drops. Its main reason is that your competitors have improved their snippets. As a result, they have stolen the share of your clicks.

SEM Traffic Cannibalization:

To drive SEO traffic to your website, you will have to rely on organic searches. On the other hand, if you want to drive SEM traffic, you will have to run Google ads. Google give priority to Google ads in the SERP. Sometimes, a huge amount of traffic is driven in the form of SEM cannibalization. This thing can also decrease the organic traffic of your website. To resolve this problem, you will have to compare PPC campaigns. Anyhow, if you are getting SEO traffic against the specific keywords, you should not run PPC campaigns on these keywords.

SERP Changes:

Just like Google algorithm updates, your website may have to face unexpected search ranking drops due to SERP changes. Anyhow, this kind of situation will not happen all the time. Recently, Google has made some changes in the SERP. By bringing these changes, Google has started to give answers to the queries of the people in the form of rich snippets, Q&A websites and video clips etc. No doubt, these things are providing benefits to the users. Anyhow, these things are not beneficial for webmasters. Due to these updates, they have to face some search ranking drops problems.


While working as an SEO manager, you will have to do lots of efforts to rank the websites. After ranking your website, you can’t sit calmly. Its reason is that you may have to face some unexpected search ranking drops. You may have to face these drops due to lots of reasons. For example, you may have to face these problems due to the major Google algorithm updates. Some websites have to face these problems due to spammy backlinks and scraped content etc. If your website has suddenly lost the best quality links, your website may have to face this kind of problem.